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[03 Jun 2007|11:34am]

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[17 Apr 2007|11:51pm]

Gomez copped a bit of flack from critics and fans alike when their latest album How We Operatedidn’t quite match up to previous efforts. However, like so many great songs, live performance breathes new life into the new songs, and Gomez returned to the Tivoli to put yet another notch on their awesome-live-performance belt.

Continue reading my live review - Gomez, The White Buffalo, The Panda Band @ Tivoli, 11/4/2007
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[18 Mar 2007|09:51am]
i know there isn't a lot of activity in this community but i'm gonna post this anyway!

do you love dajon? do you want him to be an OFFICIAL member of gomez? as of right now, he's not but we're trying to do something about that. if you're on myspace, check this out:

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

clicky the picture to go to the group to LEGALIZE DAJON. join and sign the petition to make him the 6th member of GOMEZ.

thanks guys :)
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[08 Mar 2007|01:10pm]

[ mood | lazy ]

A review and photos (in separate entries) of Ben Kweller and Gomez at the Avalon in Boston (3/6/07) is in public entries in my LJ.

Some of the photos are odd because I was too close to get good pictures of Ben without looking up his nose. Tall bastard. XD

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excitement [15 Jan 2007|10:37pm]

hi i'm new to the community
gomez are my favourite band, period
they came to australia last year
but alas
i was underage and the show was overage
i recently turned 18
i will be seeing them at the Palace in Melbourne in April!
Is anyone else from Melbourne/Australia in this community?
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[08 Nov 2006|09:39am]

A couple of covers out there for people who are interested in such things:

Breakfast In America

Life During Wartime

And for those that aren't aware, Gomez released an A's, B's and Rarities album a month ago called 5 Men In A Hut (those on their toes should realise to add a half to that) as well as a DVD of their efforts in the the Hut years. I can't comment on the DVD because I haven't got it yet - tight on money - but the CD is damn well worth purchasing.
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[23 Oct 2006|02:30am]

Hey all.

I went to the Gomez show last night in Vancouver, BC.  You can check out some pics and a mini-review at my current journal...which can be found here.

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[22 Aug 2006|01:30pm]
[ mood | excited ]

anyone else thinking about going to this?


As the band hurtles across the globe on a 23 hour flight to Australia, heavily sedated by whatever sleeping aids weren't confiscated in the security queue, we thought it we be a good time to announce a three-night stand in NYC!

Gomez will be performing three nights at New York City's venerable Bowery Ballroom -- October 5, 6 and 7. As we head towards the end of 2006, Gomez will be coming on ten years of performing together and so the time is nigh for a couple of throwdown gigs. These will be unique shows -- a deep immersion into the Gomez repertoire, additional musicians perhaps, and plenty of mayhem. In a couple weeks we'll be announcing a special West Coast event as well, so stay tuned.

We are offering a limited number of three-night tickets - a reduced price for all three nights - exclusively at Gomez's online ticketing site. These tickets are available beginning tomorrow TUESDAY at noon EST.

the 3 night tickets were only $78 after an $8 service fee. not too bad!! i'll be flying in from austin and one of my friends from denver is going to join me there. i can't wait!

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[24 Jun 2006|11:29am]

[ mood | hungry ]

I've got a few pictures from the Paradise show in Boston in a public entry in my LJ. They're not great quality since they were taken with a disposable, and there aren't that many because a bunch of them didn't come out. None of Tom sadly. I was on Ian's side of the stage with no zoom lens.

But take a look if you feel like it. It was a fantastic show.

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KCRW. [23 May 2006|01:07pm]

The boys recently did a live show on KCRW which can be heard here. It should still be available for a few more days.

Also, for those in the US:

The Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson performance has been rescheduled to air on Friday, May 26 12:35 AM ET/PT on the CBS network. For more info, visit
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girlshapedlovedrug [18 May 2006|05:47pm]

As you may know, How We Operate is the first single to be released in Australia and America. You can see the video for that on their myspace page.

For reasons unknown, Independiente are going with girlshapedlovedrug as the first UK single. It does however, have a really goofy video clip which you can view here. Enjoy!

Tom is a good sport, eh?

And thanks again Beth :-)
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Grey's Anatomy clip [17 May 2006|08:03pm]

Woohoo! For anyone in the UK or Australia or anywhere else that is not up to the end of season two on Grey's Anatomy, the clip featuring Gomez is on youtube

It's a really pivotal scene, and a couple of rather spoilerific things are revealed about past events (though not within the episode itself if that makes sense) so don't watch if you care about such things.

It's an interesting choice of music for the scene as makes it almost upbeat and energetic. Better than the mournful piano of tension or the silence of impending doom I guess!
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A bit of everything [15 May 2006|08:06pm]


Some good photos from a recent performance here.

Also, American viewers remember to watch Grey's Anatomy tonight to catch a bit of How We Operate.

Reminder to vote to get HWO on VH1.

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We Like Loving You. [13 May 2006|02:51pm]

Thanks to teacoldwine for this great interview found in the Independent:

Also, head over to the forum's for interesting news regarding a "best of" album Virgin is planning on releasing further down the track.
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[08 May 2006|10:07pm]
from a gomez myspace bulletin:

Be sure to tune in to the season finale of ABC's Grey's Anatomy as they will be featuring a Gomez tune Click Here for schedule information.

grey's anatomy always has pretty good music. this is great! anyone care to take a stab at what song it will be??
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[08 May 2006|02:51pm]
the new orleans show was incredible. my only complaint is that they didn't play as late as we hoped they would. but here's the setlist:

bring it on
love is better than a warm trombone
shot shot
see the world
how we operate
these 3 sins
black eyed dog/free to run
hamoa beach
ping one down
revolutionary kind
devil will ride
rhythm&blues alibi
whippin' picidilly

it was a nice mix of old and new material.
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Interviews [06 May 2006|05:30pm]

A couple of rather revealing interviews...

Thanks to Caryn on the forum for this one.
''We were f---ed,'' guitarist Ian Ball recalls. ''Our record company was too busy trying to sell Lenny Kravitz records.''

That's a bad thing when you have the talent and experience Gomez had showed since they burst on to the scene with a Mercury Prize for songwriting for their debut album, Bring It On, in 1998. But without a record company pushing 2004's Split The Difference, money was limited this time last year.

''We had pretty much broken up at that point,'' Ball says. ''But then we played in Brisbane and the Cockatoo Island festival in Sydney, and things started to turnaround. We were kicking ass. I think that's a credit to us because we weren't feeling great away from the stage.''

And thanks to Beth for this one:
“We had a very specific idea of what we had to do with the record. We were going to try and make something that fucking Americans would play on radio. Simple as that. That’s exactly what we tried to do."

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Opening for Gomez! [05 May 2006|07:52am]

Check out this incredible video by David Ford, he is opening for Gomez on selected tour dates!

Ford - “I Don’t Care What You Call Me”

Watch the
one camera, one take video.


Purchase Music

| Sony
Music Store

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Some new tour dates [02 May 2006|09:38pm]

Some new tour dates for the second leg of the North American Tour:

Wed June 21
New York,NYWebster Hall
9:30 pm $25. 18+. Buy Tickets Online

Thur June 22
Washington,DC9:30 Club
The Bad Plus
$25. All Ages. Buy Tickets Online

Fri June 30
Montreal, QCTBA

Sat July 01
Cleveland,OH, Tower City Amphitheatre
Opening for: moe.
All Ages. Buy Tickets Online

Sun July 02
Opening for: moe.

I command everyone on the East Coast to go the Washington DC show. I lived there for seven freakin' months and ended up having to go to the Carribean to see them ;-)
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